The Herbal Corner – Dandelion

Hi Everyone!

This is a new series that I will be posting information about various herbs that I use with my dogs as part of their daily diet as well as herbs that I use only for trialing.

In this article we are going to talk about Dandelion, one of my favorites!

Dandelion or Taraxacum officinale, is also known as Lion’s tooth; Priest’s crown dandelionand Swine’s snout. 

What I love about Dandelion is that the whole plant can be used and it is very easy to find! To most, Dandelion is a weed; but to me it is an amazing herb that I give to my dogs every day!

My dogs get Dandelion leaf every day for about three weeks and then I give them about two weeks without it. (I will discuss my herbal protocols in a later article.)  Dandelion leaf is loaded with potassium and acts as a diuretic. Being a diuretic it can make your dog urinate more, so be sure they have ample opportunities to go outside!  Because it is a diuretic, it is very good for dogs with arthritis, kidney stones, congestive heart failure and gallbladder disease.

The root of the Dandelion plant is a liver tonic and can remove toxions from the body via the kidneys. If you dog has skin issues, dandruff, or constipation, Dandelion root might be a good option to help cleanse their system.

I use the dried leaf in my dogs food, I will give them a teaspoon of dried leaf per 20 pounds. I like to mix my dogs dried herbals in their bowls with warm water for about 5-10 mins and then add their food to it. I will do this for the dogs who aren’t a fan of the dried leaf, but Try will eat it just sprinkled on top of her food.


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